Grow Berlin Green

Grow Berlin Green is a campaign to establish the town of Berlin, Maryland as a model community for participatory environmental protection, conservation, and smart growth policy and practice. Grow Berlin Green educates and engages citizens, schools, businesses and public officials to achieve measurable impacts on a range of priority issues including: increasing conservation efforts, improving natural resources management, reducing waste and increasing recycling.

Grow Berlin Green provides services related to:
- stormwater management;
- wastewater management;
- energy, water, and land conservation;
- waste reduction and recycling;
- TerraCycling;
- education about sustainability
- rain barrels.

For more information about Grow Berlin Green, contact Steve Farr, Development Director or Debbi Colley, Project Manager.

Grow Berlin Green
P.O. Box 731
Berlin MD, 21811
[email protected]

Type of Resource: 
Access to new markets/customers, Training, Information, Technical Assistance